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We Love: Caught The Light

This week sees the start of a new feature on the blog here, where we pose some burning questions to a host of our favourite wedding or event suppliers, people we love to work with regularly on our projects. We’re calling it ‘We Love’. First up is brilliant wedding photographer Chloe Browne of Caught The Light. Chloe’s work is instinctive and natural, as she aims to blend in with the rest of your guests, but she has a very creative approach. The final images are always light, airy and beautiful.

How did you first begin photographing weddings/couples?
I had always been a photographer in the making but I just shot the things I loved and hadn’t really developed much of my own style. When we were looking for a photographer for our wedding almost 8 years ago, I hadn’t yet found the style I was after in the UK so looked to a lot of US photographers whose work was really fresh and modern. I shot my first wedding six months before our own and was immediately hooked!

Please describe your photography style and approach
I think my style is quite natural and clients often describe it as romantic, which is lovely. I guess I just shoot the way I see things and try and keep as natural an approach to the day as possible, with a little bit of pre-organisation to make sure there’s enough time to capture all of the things I know are important in the years to come. I prefer to work with natural light where possible during the day and then if I need to, with flash and video lights in the later evening which helps keep my work looking as natural as possible.

Describe your studio/workspace
My workspace is a bright home-office with a huge screen, bookshelves galore and an ongoing battle with my printer, which is always out of something. I have some artwork that belonged to my grandma on my desk and some of my favourite photos of loved ones and some beautiful images by Jose Villa I was given a few years ago on the walls, with a little space on my lap for my sassy cat.

Do you have a favourite job that you’ve worked on to date (wedding or otherwise)?
My favourite type of work is always weddings! I love the story of the day, the momentous occasion of a bride about the walk down the aisle, the declaration of love and commitment in front of all of your nearest and dearest, the gathering of families and friends who are like family, the quiet moments during couple’s portraits, those beautiful details that make it the best dinner party ever and the riotous laughter of speeches. I love it all and there’s no better atmosphere I’ve found shooting anything else.
I’ve also been privileged enough to photograph a couple of births which are absolutely astounding. I’m so hugely flattered to be asked to witness and document a birth – I’m on a natural high all day long afterwards.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get into wedding photography?
Do it! Invest in the best kit you can, know how to use your camera which unfortunately for people like me means reading your manual and make sure you put it all to use in every single lighting situation possible.

What camera/equipment do you use?
I have an artillery of cameras: Canon 5D Mark iiis, An 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4 and 24mm 1.4 along with a Contax 645, 35mm Canon film camera and a few flashes and video lights for well after sunset. My bag weighs an absolute ton but it keeps my arms strong.

Do you have a favourite type of wedding/couple to work with?
I love couples that are organised in advance of the wedding and are able to put into practise advice on light and timings, which make all the difference to what I’m able to achieve on a wedding day. On the day, I just want my couples to be really present for the actual day, not tied to spreadsheets or glancing at watches, just in it and absorbing it and enjoying it all. I once asked a group of photographer friends if they could choose just two things for their couples to be, and we all categorically said relaxed and in love.

Career highlight so far?
There have been so many! Travelling is a great highlight – getting to see some incredible places on account of my work is such a treat. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph weddings in Bali, on Greek islands, all over France, Italy and Spain and I’ve also photographed some really beautiful people who have become good friends and made some life-long colleague friends too.

Any advice for brides choosing their wedding photographer?
Yes, lots! Find someone whose work resonates with you and be sure to have a chat with them in advance to booking, to make sure you’re a good fit. Listen to their advice (chances are they will have been to ten times more weddings than you both combined) and trust them. We all do our best work when we feel trusted and appreciated.

If you hadn’t become a photographer, what would your Plan B have been?
I would have loved to have been a Jazz Singer, living in St Germain! For me personally, I honestly can’t think of anything cooler than that. There’s always jazz on in this house at some point in the day.

Thanks Chloe for sharing with us. If you’d like to read more about Chloe and Caught The Light, you can view her website here, her Instagram here and her Twitter page here.

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